Hi. I'm Karcy and I use this Tumblr to make quick notes. My 'real' online journal is at http://karcy.livejournal.com. I like literature, manga, and the Manic Street Preachers. I'm Malaysian and feel strongly for local political and social issues. I'm also an Eastern Orthodox Christian convert, so from time to time you might get quotes from Christian mystics or theologians I enjoy.

Writers: Dostoevsky, Pinter, Keats, Lessing
Icons: St. Catherine of Sinai, Richey Edwards, Thich Quang Duc, St. Simeon Stylites (as depicted by Tennyson)
OTP: Amaterasu x Ushiwaka (Okami), Nicky Wire x Richey Edwards

Photo above shows Richey Edwards.

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Oh my gosh, someone in Calgary (Canada) just posted a question on Yahoo claiming he’d heard another sky roaring / earth groaning case. Checked his profile and his last question was about losing weight after quitting smoking posted months ago.

His post is here

This is so exciting. I’m gonna become a UFO chaser / conspiracy theory nut after this LOL. It’s all right, I’ll have Matt Bellamy for company.

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