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Yesterday I found out that there was a sky roaring incident near my hometown in a place called Samarahan. Sky roaring is an unexplained phenomena when a strange, rhythmic and loud sound is heard from the Earth’s atmosphere. Comparisons have been made to jet engines, low hums, heavy breathing, and the trumpets of the apocalypse. They have been happening with increasing frequency over the past few years in various parts of the world. The above video is an audio recording of the sky roaring that happened in Samarahan. It occurred during the 11th and 12th of January. Here is the news report from our local daily.

The following is a list of videos of recorded sky roaring events that I found most interesting:

Kiev, Ukraine. This is the most frequently forwarded video, also the most frequently debunked. A loud metallic rhythmic roar. Comparisons have been made between this and the sound of Jewish trumpets, supporting the ‘angels of apocalypse’ conjecture.

Florida, USA. August 2011. Low sound, like a jet plane that doesn’t move. Another news report about a sudden sound that interrupted a sports event, also in Florida, sounds like howling wind.

Sounds across Canada. A faint metallic sound, gradually growing louder, recorded October 2011. A weird hum that sounds really distorted. Conklin, Alberta, Canada, January 2012. A very loud metallic roar heard by loggers. This video has been spreading like wildfire.

Bucharest, December 2011. Metallic sound. This is really weird and creepy, no thanks to the flickery video. Warning: to quote someone else, “this noise is truly horrible”. Hoax? This is another video of the sound, taken from a distance.

Colorado, USA. Loud and short booming sounds. These sounds were heard prior to an earthquake.

United Kingdom. News coverage by the Telegraph. Described as “A weird, low, humming sound.” No actual video recording. A John Watson is on the case; I am amused.

Sweden. November 2011. Similar to the sky roaring in Samarahan, Malaysia — resembling heavy breathing.

Singapore, August 2011. Strange cloud with creature made of light twisting on top, some hissing sounds. Posted this for the proximity to where I live. Not sure what to make of this as this can be easily faked. 

Aalborg, Denmark. A little similar to the Samarahan sky roar.

New Jersey, December 2010. Comments from various people on the video stating that they’ve heard similar sounds

I found most of these videos from the blog Strange Sounds in the Sky, which chronicles video recordings of sky roaring. Strange Sounds in the Sky tends to support the theory that these are the sounds of supersonic weapons, but records of sky roaring have stretched as far back to the 19th Century. This phenomenon is also known on Youtube as earth groaning.